EPF Shariah Compliant
Savings Option

Register before 24 December 2017
for Simpanan Shariah 2018
at any EPF counters.

KWSP Simpanan Shariah

Features of Simpanan Shariah?

  • All members, regardless of religion, race and nationality, may choose Simpanan Shariah

  • The Simpanan Shariah is managed and invested based on the ‘Akad Wakalah’

  • The Simpanan Shariah is endorsed by the EPF's Shariah Advisory Committee (SAC)

  • Dividend rates for Simpanan Shariah will be based on actual performance of Shariah compliant investments made by the EPF

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Important Note

Members who have chosen the Simpanan Shariah are not allowed to revoke their decision and revert back to Simpanan Konvensional after the effective date.

How do I apply for Simpanan Shariah?

You need to attend personally at any EPF counter to submit your application and verify your thumbprint for identification.

What to bring for application?


MyKad / Passport (Non-Malaysians)


Submit your application and verify your thumbprint at EPF counter


You will be notified of your application status 7 days before the effective date

For more information about Simpanan Shariah, check out our FAQ page.

Simpanan Shariah Registration at all EPF counter is open throughout the year.